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The unique, the unequaled, the original Sassy Catch – THE Vintage Burlesque Jazz Singer.


Sassy Catch has carved a niche market right between Cabaret & Broadway by singing your favourite songs from the MGM film stars in a vintage to vaudevillian style.

Delighting us with songs from the incredible songstresses Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell, Doris Day, Eartha Kitt, Ann-Margret, Peggy Lee, Etta James, Dinah Washington and the Andrews Sisters.


“Sassy sounds like Marilyn Monroe morphed into Doris Day with the attitude of Eartha Kitt”


Be enthralled by her enigmatic charm and magnificent voice as this theme chameleon teases and pleases the crowd with her double entendre smile and her welcoming eyes filled with soul.


Ladies and Gentlemen it is my delight to introduce to you the incredible woman who is the sensational body, inspiring artistic talent, motivated self managed artist, magnificently beautiful voiced and down right fantastic soul of a woman that is Sassy Catch, Ms Tarnia Lynn Coppers.


This tall blonde is completely Australian with strong hints of Dutch genetics but when Tarnia becomes Sassy she is like she was born from another era when women had curves, class and captivated you with their smiles.


Tarnia exudes illustrious echoes of by gone eras with her charismatic and innuendo ways but Sassy crosses over all boundaries with the women loving her even more than the men and children stare up at her like she is a “Vintage Wiggle” and follow her every interaction when she is on stage.


Sassy highlights the best aspects of being a sensual, soulful and sassy woman with her every well costumed movement, delightful banter and welcoming, friendly and inclusive style.


Tarnia is a treasure trove where art meets talent meets a truly lovely person whose heart is on her sleeve both professional and personally and we get the pleasure to witness the all round beauty of her creation that is Sassy Catch.

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